My Name is Martin Himken and I’m a consultant with a passion for completion. I started as a certified IT specialist in system integration, I worked with small companies to enterprise size customers and finally I lead my own team for a few years. When my wife brought my youngest into this world I decided to take a step back into consultancy. Check out my employer on LinkedIn (top right corner). LinkedIn or Twitter are my preferred methods of contact.

Martin Himken

I really like to study new technologies and try to evaluate and test them (“getting my hands dirty”) whenever I have time to do so. This improved my overall knowledge of how technologies work and – in the end – helped my customers.
For a short list of things I really know best, visit the dedicated subpage:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM)
  • Endpoint Management (incl. Microsoft Intune)
  • Endpoint Security (EM+S, Defender for Endpoint …)


I play video games whenever I have some free time left over.
I also love music and I’m not exaggerating, when I say that there is next to no major genre that I don’t listen to. Unfortunately I never picked up an instrument on my own – except if you count my keyboard strokes as music.

If you’d like to contact me, about any article on this website, content hosted on this website or similar don’t hesitate to write an E-Mail to spam@manima.de. However, for job proposals or if you’d like to work with us/me in a project, contact me via Xing or LinkedIn via the URLs in the top right corner.

About this website

Founded in 2004 as an experiment in school, the name is related to its founders, whose names start with Ma and Ni – you take my Ma into addition and get manima.de. Well it stuck and here we are. Now the site serves me as a platform to share my knowledge and thoughts.

This website has seen several reworks over the years, adding more and more technology to my skillset. This has helped me greatly to learn about several technologies. IIS, PHP, HTML, WordPress, Mail – especially about hardening said services and technologies. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of what it is today.

SSLLabs Result (A+ currently)

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