Hi, nice to see you here

My Name is Martin Himken and I’m a computer scientist with passion. I’m a certified IT specialist in system integration.
Currently I’m employed as an IT Consultant. If you’d like to know more about what I’m working as please visit my XING-Profile using the link above.

I really like to study new technologies and try to test them when I have to time to do so. A quick list of things would be as follows. Please not that this list is by no means ordered OR complete OR based on my knowledge in that topic. For a short list of things I really do know, visit the subpage:

  • SCCM (or other products in that category)
  • Website security
  • Windows Server
  • Network Infrastructure and Security
  • Desktop Infrastructure
  • Server Infrastructure

Since I like PC games I spend a good part of my free time with them. Here and there I take the time to talk about a game. That also includes ranting about games, but most of the time I take the time to talk about a game when it was really good, really bad or… or… well…

I also love music, there is next to no genre I don’t listen to on a regular basis. Although there are some exceptions I will not go into detail with that.

If you’d like to contact me, about any article or just to speak with me don’t hesitate to write an E-Mail to spam@manima.de or (for now) comment on the article. I tried this a few times and I decided that it’s for the best to leave this off.

About this website

If you have been here before, you’ll have noticed the ‘little’ change, but for everybody else: This is the third relaunch of this website. I mainly did it this time, because I was – plainly said – way too lazy to make an overhaul. The old WordPress I used was flawed, old (we’re talking a couple major version changes…), had bugs and was still using HTML4. So instead I redid the webpage, upgraded to a newer Version and gave the site a new look.

There is no clear focus of the content of this webpage! I will post whatever I feel like posting about. I will try my best to add a category every time so you may filter to your hearts content.

This is now the fourth Version of this website, rebuild on December 2015 but this time keeping the content. It’s using a new theme (which unfortunately still has a few bugs since it is still in beta), supports DNSSEC has valid TLSA records. The Mail servers have been configured to support DANE now and for some extra information (and security) I added a DMARC entry.
This all took me around a weekend to understand and implement properly. Mind you that I already had knowledge of PKI and a basic grasp of the concepts I was about to use. However while I set this up I felt that a lot of websites – even the big ones – are not using any of those techniques. I wonder how long it will take them to apply this as well.

EDIT: Now supports Brotli compression and implemented HSTS – again. No idea why that was not activated. If I’m feeling confident I might implement HPKP as well soon. HTTP/2 is not supported in IIS 8.5, since I might change my provider soon you might see me going from Server 2012 to 2016!

Privacy information

This website is using Piwik as analyzer. Since the data is kept on _my_ server for my curiosity purposes – I obviously don’t give anybody else the data. If you’re still not comfortable with that, here’s the opt-out. It’s a cookie that tells Piwik that you don’t want to be ‘tracked’ (as in ‘tracked’ how long you’ve been here and what you watched). This cookie however will only tell my website to not analyse you. Other websites using Piwik will still be able to. Piwik is also set to honor your DNT (Do Not Track) request. Like I mentioned it’s only my curiosity.

Here’s what the data looks like:


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