Skill set

I will cut things very short here. Here are several lists of skills that I acquired either through special training, self-mentoring or work. If you’d like to know if I can offer you other skills that might be missing here please feel free to contact me via Xing or LinkedIn (top right corner).

Work experience:

  • Worked in small, large and multi-national enterprises (smallest to biggest 15-175.000 clients)
  • Several months of international experience (Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Switzerland)
  • Advanced English knowledge (including three semesters of business English)
  • Working with customers from all ankles, be it technical, organisational or management


  • MECM (formerly SCCM) – Starting from version 2007 up to Current Branch
    • In-depth knowledge of Version 2012 and up
    • If its related to this topic I can probably help you
  • Windows and Office customization (Privacy, Telemetry, Security…)
  • Cloud Migration (especially IaaS and Endpoint/Security Management)

General communication skills:

  • Worked in multilingual companies for several months (partly abroad)
  • ITIL experienced – but not certified
  • Telephone training – certified by relation~s
  • Other:
    • Bilingual documentation experience
    • “AdA-Schein” (I’m officially allowed to train apprentices in Germany)