I did not post something in a while! Here’s why

I did not post something in a while! Here’s why

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog in 2018! I have not been updating this website as much as I wanted to admittedly. However, I want to work on that, because I feel the need to provide some more output about ConfigMgr (or SCCM), Windows 10, Office 365 and probably the future of IT – because a lot will change after Windows 7.


But Martin, what the heck happend the last 4 months or so?

So, as you might know if you have read my about page or read my Xing/LinkedIn updates in the last 8 months you might’ve noticed, that I drown in work right now. I have a team to lead, I have customers to care for and on top of that a child on the way. Oh and because I wasn’t satisfied with just that I also moved from the 4th floor into the 3rd in November – just 500 meters apart. I’m still trying to get accustomed to that kind of work and I have the feeling that a many things will change once my son sees the light of day.


And what’s next?

Hopefully more technical content! Like I said at lot comes down to time management. There are things I can influence and others outside of my reach. However, I don’t plan to change from my mixed content. Every time I find something interesting and think that it should be shared it will have a home right here. If you want to look for a specific content, you can always filter everything by using the categories provided 🙂


Looking forward for 2018 – year of my child!