Creating a Firewall rule through MEM is broken right now

Creating a Firewall rule through MEM is broken right now

Update as of 11th of July: I can confirm this has been resolved. New rules do not have preset settings anymore and its possible to create rules without issues. Thanks for resolving this quickly!

Original article: I’m not even sure how else to put this in words, so this time I made a video. I recently stumbled on this, when I tried to set up the few firewall rules a customer had to migrate from his $OldProduct. Usually I would do something as described on Rudy Ooms Blog (see here) like using a reference machine. But here, the customer only had two custom rules he wanted to set on one of their servers. It took us nearly an hour to figure out how to make it work. I assume its related to new “Reusable Groups” Feature, which is still in public preview. Have a look yourself and let me know on the Tweet I sent to the Intune Support Team.

Endpoint Security Firewall and the current GUI state

Additional information

To have this fully complete, here’s some additional info and things I tried:

  • Opened a new Windows Sandbox and tried with Chrome and Edge (so no Add-On/Ins involved).
  • Tried in other tenants – same broken results.
  • Graph is not involved in anything while editing the rules – only when the rules are saved.
  • If the error is clicked that shows when a rule is saved, the error contains no further information.
  • I do have a recorded network session (.har file) if someone wants to take a look at the traffic behind the scenes get in contact with me on Twitter.
  • If you’re wondering why and how I did this for servers and not for clients, please read this documentation.

I hope this is a simple GUI adjustment for Microsoft, because as mentioned in passing in the video, this is the kind of thing that scares people away from the cloud. All in all I love the MDE Management through Intune – especially for smaller companies it provides a great way of managing their MDE settings through the Endpoint Manager as well as all other configuration.